Hyderabad EscortsHello guys, I am Ashnai Mittal, a VIP Hyderabad Escorts, who is a professional companion for the gentlemen, looking for more than a girl with a pretty face. Hyderabad is fast gaining its place as a hotspot for adult entertainment. While on the unconventional adult industry, I do not promote myself through demeaning and distasteful photographs in the state of undress. Being a high-end elite Hyderabad Call Girls, I do not market myself solely for physical looks. I am endorsed to the gentlemen, who are looking for a real woman, that is authentic. I am a fresh young lady, for whom escorting is not a full time career. I am the perfect VIP escort who is a true companion. I offer emotional intimacy, psychological support and even mental stimulation. I always dress well and look incredible. I am not only beautiful and cute but I have interest in a range of things such as wined and dined, dance, massage and participating in sex chat online.  . It’s a known fact that the escorting industry is based on the image of the professional, just akin to the modelling industry. Therefore, it’s utmost important that the Independent Hyderabad Escorts has a fresh face, a classic and timeless beauty. I possess all these features and additionally, I have flawless complexion and lovely facial features. I am a blank canvas in order to offer the open opportunity to the client, to fill the colours, he desires. My hair style is well kept and I even visit the top hair stylists to get proper tips. My hair style suits me well and when it comes to overall personality, I am stunningly impressive. Natural beauty in me is still commanding. Besides from looking beautiful, I have an excellent physique. I know that in my profession there is no certain type of the body or shape that works. It all depends on the charm, looks and attitude of the  Hyderabad Escorts Services. I am in exceptional body condition and hence, most of my clients are repeated clients. I have a super model shape and I am extremely fit. I offer different services to the clients to satisfy them. The only thing is, I love meeting decent and high status clients. Being an elite Hyderabad Escort, I religiously eat healthy and maintain the body fitness. I carefully choose my food, because at this position in the profession, there is no place for being lazy on diet control, regular partying and a lazy lifestyle  is also damaging. I really take a good care of myself. Old-fashion school education appears to be conventional by the elite escorts but it is a typical requirement for the success of an escort. I have sharpen my ability to obligate to and achieve something in my youth. I have more organic kind of education that includes music, art, theatre, travel, opera and overall conversation with the clients. There is no school that provides the kind of attitude, behaviour and openness neded for being a successful escort.

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